Woodstock Groundhog Days
January 31-February 3

It's time to party again and again and again in Woodstock, IL at the annual 2019 Woodstock Groundhog Days Festival!

2019 marks the 26th anniversary of the release of the classic film “Groundhog Day”, which was filmed in Woodstock. The weekend celebration kicks off on Thursday, January 31 with the Awakening of the Groundhog at the historic Woodstock Opera House. On Saturday, February 2 at approximately 7:07 AM, Woodstock Willie makes his prognostication on the charming Woodstock Square.

Spend the weekend in Woodstock celebrating the 26th anniversary of Harold Ramis' classic film, "Groundhog Day". Enjoy a weekend of events including the chili cook-off, free Groundhog Day movie showings at the Woodstock Theatre, free walking tours of film sites, a pub crawl and much more!

More info on our events page or call 815-334-2620

Woodstock Groundhog Days on the Woodstock Square

Where to Stay

Make a weekend of it! Woodstock offers an array of options, from the Cherry Tree In Bed & Breakfast where the Bill Murray’s character woke up again and again in the Groundhog Day movie, to hotels and motels within a 5 minute drive of Woodstock Square. Check out the full list here and book a room today!

Thursday, January 31

Friday, February 1

Saturday, February 2

Sunday, February 3

Saturday, February 9